Core Features

All SMS Gateway provides all important features to administrators and customers
for being industry leading sms provider

Send all Types of messages

It supports sending Plain, MMS, Voice, Whatsapp SMS. Send SMS with no limit. You won't bould by character limit.

Send bulk messages

Send bulk SMS via form, CSV or by scheduling.

Supports very long messages

Send SMS with virtually no limit. You won't be bound by SMS character limit (160 Characters).

Supports sending USSD requests

Send USSD requests using web panel or API. All the responses resulted from USSD requests will be visible in web panel. This feature requires a device with Android 8.0 or above.

SaaS Ready

You can sell it as a service with even regular license. You can add plans with messages, contacts and devices limit and more. It provides popular payment gateway integration.

Complete White-Label Solution

You can completely white-label an Android app by changing its logo, name and server URL using our build server. You will be able to create up to 3 custom APKs for each new version.

Supports form and QR code sign in

You can log in into the mobile app using the QR code or by entering your credentials manually. There is no need to enter credentials manually in the app when you use the QR code.

Supports SMS delivery reports

It also supports tracking of delivery of SMS messages when you turn on delivery reports. It will report the message as 'Delivered' when the message is successfully delivered.

Blacklist, Spamwords security

Each user account have their own blacklist/spamwords. Users can add numbers to blacklist/spamwords to avoid sending messages to those numbers/words.


Browse all sms gateway demo

Our all sms gateway demo shows you what's the features available and how it will work in live version. So, why late? let's try...

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